About Us

The Center for American Muslim Philanthropy (CAMP) is a nonprofit organization registered and located in Indiana. It is an approved 501(c)(3) organization by the United States Internal Revenue Service. CAMPS has been a subject of discussion for many years but was formalized in 2014. CAMP seeks to strengthen Muslim philanthropy in America by promoting research, best practices and education. Muslims have been present in the United States since its inception. There is a rich history of Muslim philanthropy including the practice of zakah and sadqah by American slaves. Over the past hundred years Muslim philanthropy in the United States has resulted in a vibrant Muslim American nonprofit sector comprising over 1300 Islamic centers, 200 Islamic schools, advocacy, relief, interfaith, civic and other organizations. Furthermore, the number of Muslim Americans entering the nonprofit field as employees, volunteers, donors and board members continues to grow. CAMP seeks to promote the study of this activity and promote best practices and education.


Board of Directors

Rasheed Ahmad

Executive Director | Islamic Medical Association of North America

Shariq Siddiqui PhD JD

Executive Director | Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action

Tayyab Yunus

Secretary | Social Entrepreneur and People Developer